Fashion Jackson
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Fashion Jackson

I had the opportunity to co-launch this influencer brand from takeoff to flight. The brainchild of Amy Jackson, a young burgeoning woman with a unique yet honest perspective on effortless style, Fashion Jackson launched with the goal of becoming an influential social personality appealing to those aspiring for simplicity. Leveraging my prior ecom and digital experience as well as my photo direction skills, we were able to start a branded position in the influencer space focused on organic growth through genuine posts with the intent to create inspiration for her audience. With a strategy grounded in continual improvement via data around engagement married with dedicated seo, the site and its positions across various social media platforms continues to flourish and successfully grow exponentially.

After years of NYFW attendance, countless brand collaborations, numerous events and conferences the results were several viral posts on Pinterest and continued verified audience growth.




Fashion Jackson, LLC


September 19, 2019


Brand, Creative, Design, Digital, photography, Social Media

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